Katie Hemming has been performing since the age of two. She was nicknamed "Radio" as a child for being able to sing any song you could think of at the drop of a hat.  By age ten, she was given an MP3 player to listen to music "quietly" instead of always sharing it with the world, but not to worry, this didn't stop her from constantly singing at the top of her lungs, disturbing any family member within a five foot radius.

        Growing up, she starred in all of her school plays eventually branching out into community theater and operas as well as singing in every available choir and taking voice lessons from early on.  Katie has studied acting longer than she had thought having discovered after graduation that her drama teacher was heavily utilizing elements of Meisner technique when preparing her for school plays.  Now she's a huge acting nerd, having intensively studied Meisner and Improv and dabbled in everything else like Method, Adler, Stunt Fighting, and mindset for performers... anything she can find.

        In January 2015, she set her mind to pursue acting and performing as a career because you know, what else was she going to do?  Her friends and family were forced to support her both because they knew she'd succeed and because she wasn't going to shut up about it.  She has since starred in numerous short films including the award-winning horror film "Take Heed," a parody on Call of Duty in real life "Call 2 Romance," had small featured roles on the Netflix shows "Santa Clarita Diet" and "Fuller House," and recently, performed a 10 minute set for Punch TV's "Underdogs of Comedy!" Yes, she is also a stand-up comedian.

        She's also done commercials, industrials, music videos, blah, blah, blah... and a co-leading role in a horror feature "Marla Mae" where she high-fived a real-life felon!...Long story, read about it here.

        In her limited spare time, Katie loves to read obsessively, hang out with family and friends, hike, zip line, learn dances off of DVD special features, pretend she's a superhero and "save" her dogs form danger, and of course, "study acting" by binge watching Netflix.